I deleted all my dating apps months ago and my social life was pretty much unexcisting due to the virus.

I just decided that I didn’t wanna do any work and trust the universe will do what’s necessary to send me that man.


July 17th, its our second date and he organizes a mini trip for my birthday to Bruges where I get my own room in the 4th best luxury hotel in Europe. 

Upon arrival in my room: a wonderful bouquet of flowers and a bottle of Prosecco.


July 19th, I leave for Paris to celebrate my actual birthday on my own. I booked this trip weeks ago before meeting him.

He decides to join and says that he’ll get his own room and will respect whatever I planned to do but that he just wants to give me at least an unforgettable birthday dinner.


He ends up gifting me a VCA necklace that I’ve been eyeing for the longest, and I had a memorable birthday.

We have never ever shared the same bed.

Nat from Paris

My live seriously changed for the better!

Judy from Germany

Alexis taught me that I don't need a coach if I have all the tools to help myself. 

I feel great and in control of my happiness finally.

Maite from the Netherlands 

I hadn’t seen him in a while due to this corona virus etc .... Yall I kid you not! In less than a week not only did he stop acting crazy and unblocked me, he actually made his way to the UK to see me!

Dee from London

I started working with Alexis Glam on 3-23-20 in which my journal was also dated 3-23-20 as my start date.

At the time of meeting Alexis, I was inquiring about doing some coaching because I was hung up on a dusty who was tossing me crumbs. She told me that I should consider taking a 10 day break and work on myself. She explained how getting my foundation right with myself was the most important part of Manifesting my Dream Life!

So I took the 10 day break and informed my dusty guy at the time. He claimed that he was happy for me for working on myself and how proud he was of me for doing that! I’ll be honest, I was a bit hesitant but did trust Alexis with my current situation.


So, day 10 came and went so I sent my dusty a text message saying that I was finished with my self reflection. No response! I then called and left a message on his answering machine....no return call!! To this day, I have not heard from him. Wow...right?!

Like the old saying goes....sometimes you have to let the wrong one go to let the right one come into your life! Indeed that happened!!❤️

I’m going on month #2 with my Mr Perfect 2.0 ladies! He is EVERYTHING on my list above and more! We have been ring 💍 shopping 3 times now and it’s a matter of time before he pops the question! Yes, Alexis Glam is coming to my wedding!

K from IL, USA 

Working with Lexi brought immense changes into my life, have given me self discipline in my own emotions and fears, have brought Love into my life and taught me how to maintain it, and helped me improve the personal relationship with my Higher self and with the people that I deeply care about.

Bella from London

When I had brunch with my ex, he told me he wanted to try again with our relationship and give me something to make me feel more secure with us.

He said that he wants to be a part of my life, and was willing to do whatever it takes to secure that and me. He asked if I would be willing to try again.

Nika from Florida, USA 

The biggest game changer is really to restoring my self confidence, improving my relationship with others, giving me tools to cope with my anxiety and negative feelings, taking back my power by being 100% accountable for everything

L from Belgium 

Thank you ladies☺️ it was December 2017 when I started to work with Alexis Glam. January 2018 I wrote the script and May 2018 my Hubby came into my life❤️

MB from Switzerland

Okay so it's day....4, I think, of the 7 day consistency challenge and I must admit at first I thought it wasn't working 'cause apparently everything's going the same as usual...BUT NO!

It took me a while to realize why my ex has been messaging me a lot lately. I say "ex" because I also realized I deserve better than a past relationship. 


So far my confidence has increased a lot. It's not perfect yet, but I feel much better about myself.

Andrea from Mexico