Start Creating Healthy Self Love, Fulfilling Relationships and Confidence 
Today  By Tackling "Negative Thoughts & Limiting Beliefs"

Learn the Ancient Technique that Helped me Go From Needy and Insecure to Fulfilled and Naturally Magnetic. 

Hello Lovely!

 I'm Alexis, the founder of Glamifest your Dream Life....

We all have Blockages and Limiting Beliefs about love and our worthiness that stop us from being that magnetic version of ourselves that can draw in high value relationships and life filled with real happiness. 

Take control of your happiness

Ladies, You deserve happiness! Turning your life around is not complicated. You can learn how to build a healthy level of self-love and confidence.


Trust me, It'll be easy. You'll have me by your side throughout the whole journey.

So, are you ready for change?

Warning: Completing this course will result in unshakeable self love, magnetic self-confidence  and deep fulfilling relationships


Here is what some of the lovely ladies who have
​completed the program has to say:

Thanks to the coaching and advance revision technique thought by Alexis I was able to completely change my mindset

It is now much easier for me to keep a positive mindset throughout the day and I can see my life improving day by day! 



The best thing about working with Lexi is that I cannot even remember why I used to feel so triggered and hurt.

I have a vague memory if what happened in my past, but my memories are no longer causing me emotional pain.



Glamifest has changed my life

I'm feeling a shift already from building secure foundation. I know without a doubt I control my reality and this has unleashed confidence. 



I healed wounds from my past and I can see my future and potential more clearly.


I have manifested more money and the best part of all - a better relationship with my husband



When you Discover

How to Heal 

your Current Relationship

 Blockages, you can...

  • Free yourself from neediness and looking to a partner to make you feel whole.​

  • Finally let go of the past, a pesky ex or a traumatic event that is currently blocking your blessings.​

  • Transform your current relationships, or discover the new love of your life.​

  • Learn how to become energetically magnetic, drawing in amazing treatment from anyone… no matter how BAD your relationship currently is.​

PS: Understanding this ancient law will help you create self love, confidence and fulfilling relationships you deserve!


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