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The Glamifest your Dream Life Blog was born to inspire women to dream big and believe in the so called “impossible”.

Alexis G. has been passionate about helping women become the best versions of themselves ever since she first discovered that she had the power to help people believe in themselves again.

In the past years Alexis has helped women all over the globe to
 break through their limiting beliefs and manifest confidencelife purpose and success.

Alexis has clients of all ages and from around the globe (the United States, South America, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, South East Asia and Europe).

In 2019 Alexis launched a free online community where women who want to manifest a glamorous life can link up and share their goals in a safe environment.

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Alexis G.

Alexis is passionate about the 

Free a Girl Foundation 

and is dedicated to give back by empowering young girls by giving

them free  tools to become confident 

and believe that they are worthy

of the best.

Want to get there faster?

After several successful group coaching programs, in late 2020 the 'Glamifest Your Dream Life Online Course' was launched. It has quickly become one of the most effective and efficiant ways for women to take full controll of their own lives by learning to love themselves, and in turn start to manifest all of their dreams into reality.

The course is 100% digital. Once signed up you will have lifetime access to all the material, and everything can be accessed by mobile phone, tablet or PC. To learn more about the course and to sign up you can click the button bellow:


Here is what some of the lovely ladies who have
​completed the program has to say:

Thanks to the coaching and advance revision technique thought by Alexis I was able to completely change my mindset

It is now much easier for me to keep a positive mindset throughout the day and I can see my life improving day by day! 



The best thing about working with Lexi is that I cannot even remember why I used to feel so triggered and hurt.

I have a vague memory if what happened in my past, but my memories are no longer causing me emotional pain.



Glamifest has changed my life

I'm feeling a shift already from building secure foundation. I know without a doubt I control my reality and this has unleashed confidence. 



I healed wounds from my past and I can see my future and potential more clearly.


I have manifested more money and the best part of all - a better relationship with my husband



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